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Astrology is followed differently in different areas of the world. The significance of naadi astrology followed in Tamilnadu is that it is pretty sure to give accurate prediction. again it is believed that unless lord siva wills no one can come to naadi astrology to know the prediction. Among all, 'naadi shastra' gives the most accurate results. Why?

Because it is predefined and pre-documented by the rishis as utterances of lord shiva himself.


Naadi Jyothidar Thiru. C.Sankara Nayanar his grandfather Thiru. A.Jothilingam Nayanar was started fon 1940.. He is an first involved in Naadi Jyotish in 40 years experience. The astrologer asks few questions, for which you have to respond 'Yes' or 'No' and he eliminates the non-matching index Olai's



To be found out through thumb impression (Gents Right, Ladies Left) or horoscope of the concerned person. This Kandam is compulsory, The past life will not come. Will contain name, parent’s names present details of profession Brothers, Sisters, Children’s, Wife and gist of future predications for all the 12 houses.


Nadi Remedies

What are Nadi Remedies?

Prescription Remedies are perhaps the highest value gift from the Nadi.

Chapter 13 Remedies- Vortexes of Prescription Energy

Chapter 14 Remedy- Personal Sacred Sound Infused Talisman How to ORDER Your Customized Prescription Remedies Remedies are solutions to your life’s problems, challenges, sufferings, unfavorable situations, long term negative ruts ...Remedies will ‘Course Correct’ Your Life’s Path.